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Angel Creation (India ) iis a Buying & Development company high on trend & provides just the right product categories that resonate with the brands’ customer segment. We love good and beautiful product and believe that it is the soul of our company. Our aim is to attract like minded clients who appreciate our product & come from various walks of life.

Product Categories in Apparel are - Hi- Fashion,  Outer wear & Leather garments
Categories in Accessories are - Scarves/ Artificial Jewelry/ Hand Bags Canvas / Leather & footwear. Our product caters to  women, men  and children.

Our goal is to be the fashion authority in offering an eclectic mix of accessories and apparels for kids, teens, women & men around the world. Angel Creation-India has continued to understand and connect with customers with their beautiful handwriting. The supply base teamed with Top Eras already caters to few top stores of Europe & Australia 
Our Aim We thrive on giving that little bit extra to our clients by providing great designs, quality and an unrivalled service with products made in an ethical environment. Please find attached our bags presentation for your reference It shall be lovely to receive any enquiry from you and a great opportunity to be associated with you.

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